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  • Hi, please can you advise which roads in Fleet will be shut on Sunday? I can't find the informatin on your website or anywhere else. TIA
  • Thanks to @CllrSteveF for reporting some of the potholes on the race route. Hopefully these will be taken care of before race day
  • Last opportunity to put your name down for a Marshaling position in exchange for a one year deferral. We are finalising Marshal positions this evening As you know we don’t offer refunds/transfers/deferrals (it’s how we keep our entry fee low) and running on someone else’s number is strictly forbidden. The only exception to this is we will offer a one year deferral in exchange for attending the marshals pre race brief and Marshaling a position until the race finishes (11.30 ish)
  • Race notes are now being emailed out. (Today and tomorrow) You should find the answer to most questions at www.fleet10k.co.uk Race Numbers - Collect on the day from Race HQ from 08.30. The later you leave it the bigger the queue and Race will start at exactly 10.00 due to road closures Toilets - almost twice the guideline numbers are available however as you will all know there is no such thing as enough toilets at a race!! Don’t forget there’s the Hart Shopping centre across the road too.
  • Any places available ?
  • Good morning,when will we receive race packs ?
  • We will mention this a few more times in various forms but to clarify, under UKA rules where a race is run without a full road closure the use of ‘IN EAR’ headphones is prohibited. This is not a rule that we as race organisers have made up solely to become the fun police, some of the organising team prefer to run with headphones, but it is a rule that we support and will enforce So please, the rule is there and it isn’t one that’s up for the public vote. Remember that many other runners on the day would prefer to run with in ear phones but don’t. DQing runners isn’t fun and isn’t something that we want to do. There are better things to do post race, like having a pint in the Prince Arthur!
  • As many of you know ‘in ear’ type Headphones are banned under UKA rules and they issue our race licence therefore we’re bound by those rules. Last year we went through race photos and retrospectively DQ’ed runners seen wearing ‘in ear’ types. I won’t ask volunteers on the day to do this as I don’t think it’s a position that we should put them in. An interesting discussion also took place after last years race regarding runners playing music from smart phones much to the annoyance of a number of other runners. Thoughts for and against this ? If there is strong and significant opinions on this we will consider mentioning it in the race notes.
  • Race full and entry now closed.
  • A quick note to those of you that have entered and now through injury find yourself unable to run on Sunday 22nd. As you know we don't offer deferrals/refunds or transfers HOWEVER, we will defer an injured runners entry for one year in exchange for marshalling. You will attend the marshals brief at race HQ and will then stand down when the tail rider tells you that you're no longer needed at your post. The rest will be covered at your brief, AND a free coffee from our van serving freshly brewed coffee. You need to by your own delicious home made pastry though!!!

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Runners Comments

  • Trevor

    Big enough to feel like a big event, but not crowded

  • Duncan

    A special event - it all ran like clockwork

  • Matthew

    Gets better every year

  • Geordie

    A fast course with plenty of water stations and loads of happy volunteers

  • Mike

    Great value for money

  • Mo

    The local community really do come out and follow the whole race

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