Places to Watch The ASICS Fleet Pre-London Half Marathon

With its large field, The ASICS Fleet Half Marathon is an excellent event to watch. This page includes a listing of the best places to watch the race along with the times the first runners are expected to reach these points.

  • Bear in mind that there will be road closures in force and it may be necessary to be at these points well before the runners arrive.
  • For watching the race at the start or finish or any of the roads around the start or finish, please park in the Fleet town centre car parks only. There is no parking available in Calthorpe Park. In addition, we strongly advise against parking in roads on the half marathon course as this not only inconveniences local residents but also can disrupt the race itself.
  • Please do not block any exits or entrances.
  • There are a number of pubs on the route. If you are looking for a drink or a meal, we are happy to recommend these.
Oatsheaf crossroads

This enables the runners to be viewed twice as they start and complete a lap around the town centre. Viewers can then view the finish in Calthorpe Park.

NOTE: 2018 sees the introduction of a junior fun run.  This will follow across the first part of the main race taking in Merivale, Leawood Road, Crookham Road turning left into Reading Road North and returning to Calthorpe Park only.

Fleet Road Runners will go along Fleet Road twice in the 2nd and 5th mile. A great early point in the race to see your family and friends 10.30
Elvetham Roundabout / Reading Road North Around 3.5 miles the runners turn left into Reading Road North back towards the town centre. Catch them here then see them later at the finish. 10.45
Blackbush Road/Pale Lane This is a countryside part of the course where support will certainly be appreciated. 11.00
Barley Mow At about ten miles the route passes the Barley Mow and turns left into Pilcot Road. 11.15
Queens Head, Dogmersfield Opposite the pub is the Dogmersfield House which has a very interesting history linked to Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon.
Crookham Village The runners turn left into Hitches Lane - why not watch near the new Hart Leisure Centre? 11.25
The finish, Calthorpe Park Watch all the runners finish the Fleet Half Marathon. 11.35
  • Sunday’s forecast - Less than 5% chance of rain, 10 degrees but feels like 6. Bit windy. Race is going ahead.
  • Lead car prepped and ready.
  • A thought for next year, could there be a number collection desk in say Hart shopping centre on the Sat so that local people can collect their numbers the day before. I know this means volunteers for an extra day but would reduce the rush on the Sunday. I know that Maidenhead Half do this.
  • Ok, so pretty soon the admin team will have to stop answering some of the emails. Race notes were sent out via email last weekend and our website answers most questions. Jim Trott can answer most other questions....
  • Could be a touch windy on Sunday... then again, it could be 10 degrees with a light easterly breeze, who knows.
  • We’ve just posted a link below to our race results and there should also be a link on our website home page to the results. PLEASE don’t message us on Sunday to ask where/when the results are. Please also note that when the results are posted initially they are classed as PROVISIONAL results until we’ve confirmed that everything was fine and there were no discrepancies. Things can and do go wrong in a race, for example a single 10k runner crossing the finish line after only one lap pushes everyone down one place and plays havoc with prize awards too. I hope you all have a great race and that your hard work and training pays off and most importantly that you enjoy the day.
  • Retweeted SportSystems (@SystemsSport): @Fleet10k Results links for #Fleet10k and #Fleet5k on Sunday Have a good run!
  • Hi, please can you tell me what time you're closing the roads on Sunday? We are coming from the m4 to twesledown so want to make sure we get through before. Thanks
  • Hi, please can you advise which roads in Fleet will be shut on Sunday? I can't find the informatin on your website or anywhere else. TIA
  • Thanks to @CllrSteveF for reporting some of the potholes on the race route. Hopefully these will be taken care of before race day