On the this page you will find all of the event information. Please check here before contacting us – due to the large number of e-mails received daily, we cannot respond where the answer is included here.

Runners Final Information Pack 24th March 2024 (Civilian)

Runners Final Information Pack 24th March 2024 (Military)

You will also be emailed a Runners Information Pack during the 10 days before race day. Reminder – military runners need to collect their number on the day.

Where is Fleet?

Fleet is in North Hampshire just off the M3 (junction 4A) – the race arena is in Calthorpe Park as shown in the map below. Fleet also has a mainline train station on the Southampton to London Waterloo line.

Before Race Day

I have had a problem with entering online

If there are any problems with on-line entry contact FRSystems which provides the entry system. If you received confirmation of entry by e-mail then your entry is secure. Fleet Half Marathon organisers Fleet & Crookham AC cannot answer questions about the on-line entry system.

Can I enter by post?

No postal entries accepted. All entries will be via an online facility.

Can I still enter the race?

Entries have been extended to 9am Thursday 21st March. However, if the entry limit is reached before this date it will close sooner. There are no late entries or entries on the day. Note – in previous years the entries are normally full by early New Year – please enter early. We do not operate a waiting list.

Has my entry been accepted?

Yes, if you have entered online and have received a confirmation email from FR Systems then your entry is secure.

Army/Armed Forces Entries

In previous years military entries have been postal. There is a separate military online entry and the link is available from the Army Athletic Association.

Questions relating to Army or other armed forces entries should be directed to the Army Athletic Association Web site Army Athletic Association or your relevant Service contact. Please do not enter on-line through the civilian route.


The 2024 Fleet Half Marathon supports the Lions Club of Fleet. For more information about this charity and how to raise funds for it visit our partners page. However, you are free to represent another charity should you wish to.

Late entries

There are no late entries or entries on the day.

Reserve List

There is no reserve list.

I am injured or otherwise unable to run. Can I have a refund?

We start incurring costs early in the event organisation process including an online entry administration fee. If your entry is accepted,  the following rules apply:

  1. Once your race entry is accepted we are unable to make refunds.
  2. Up to midnight on 10th March 2024 numbers can be transferred to a substitute runner online by the person who made the original booking via their account with FR Systems (http://www.entryhub.co.uk/) using the password given on your original entry acceptance email.
  3. An affiliated runner’s place may only be transferred to another affiliated runner.  UKA affiliation will be verified during the online entry process.
  4. Race numbers will be sent out from the second week of March.
  5. Once numbers are issued they cannot be swapped between runners.
  6. Unauthorised number swaps may result in disqualification.
  7. No runner exchanges or refunds can be made on the day.

Can I transfer my entry to another runner?

Yes – see paragraph above.

If you transfer your number to another runner without the event being advised this is against UK Athletics regulations. UK Athletics states: Rule 216 Entries(3) ‘Numbers are issued to the individual athlete completing the application form and are non-transferable except with the specific authority of the Race Secretary’. This is particularly relevant in a medical emergency where the person running is not that shown on the race listing.

I have changed my address

If you change your address please contact our entry administrators FR Systems at info@FRSystems.co.uk so that your race pack is sent to your new address. Also ensure that you have Royal Mail Redirection set up. You can amend your entry up to midnight on the 10th March 2024. After this date race packs will be sent to the original address on the entry if it has not been amended.

When will I receive my race number?

Entries received before 9am Friday 15th March – numbers will be posted. Entries received after this date up to 9am 21st March will need to be collected on race day. Please do not contact us if you have not received your race pack by race day. Instead, if you have a confirmed entry and have received the Runners Information pack via email contact the Race HQ inside the scout hut at the finish line – your place is secure and your number will be re-issued on race day.

Please note that race packs for military entries will not be sent out and must be collected from the scout hut building (just before the finish line) on the day. Please arrive to collect numbers between 7.50am and 9.00am (latest). Your Runners Information Pack will be emailed to you in advance of the day.

Runner numbers and ChampionChip

Please check that your running number has a ChampionChip timing device fixed to the back of it. If this is not the case, please visit the Race HQ (inside the scout hut building just before the finish line) in Calthorpe Park on race day. Do not contact us in advance.

Do not remove the chip or fold your number in a way which may damage the chip or your finish time will not be recorded.

Bag tags

These will be sent out with your race number from the 11th March.

My number has not arrived. What do I do?

First check that your entry has been accepted by checking the list of runners. Otherwise, if the race pack does not arrive by the race day, you can pick up a replacement number on the day from Race HQ. You do not need to contact us in advance. See ‘when will I receive my race number’ section above. Full details of how to reach the event are included in the Runners’ Information Pack which will be emailed to you.

Race Day

What time does the race start?

The race will start promptly at 9.30am. There is a short walk from Calthorpe Park to the start so ensure that you arrive in plenty of time. Please listen to PA announcements and allow plenty of time for the walk to the start. The start will not be delayed for late arrival of runners. Line up close to your estimated finish time board – this allows faster runners to be at the front.

We have three holding areas this year dependent upon your race number colour – green, yellow and blue. By 9.15am you must be in your holding area.  You will then be moved as a group to the start (in realistic finish time).

Music whilst running

With the exception of bone conductive headphones which are allowed, the use of personal stereos, iPods, phones or other music devises is not allowed under UKA rule 240 S5 – the wearing of headphones, or similar devices, (other than those medically prescribed or bone conductive headphones), is not permitted in races on any single carriageway road that is not wholly closed to traffic. There are some short sections on the Fleet Half course which do have traffic coming in the opposite direction to runners and is therefore not wholly closed. The wearing of such equipment may prevent you from hearing instructions from marshals and other event staff as well as the hearing of sirens/horns from emergency services and other vehicles. By wearing such devices you are putting yourself and those around you at risk. Rule 240 S5 also states if the athlete wears conductive headphones, these are acceptable as these work by conducting sound through bones and do not sit or block the ears. The event will have no responsibility should this rule be ignored.

Please do not risk our ability to get a future licence for this event by ignoring this rule.


Park in the town centre car parks only. There is no parking available in Calthorpe Park. Do not park in the roads around the park as the roads around the park are on the race route. Not only does this inconvenience local residents but parked cars may also obstruct the race and your vehicle may get damaged. The town centre car parks are just a short walk from the race start and finish. Car parking charges must be paid.

Reaching Calthorpe Park

Calthorpe Park is a short walk from the town centre car parks. Turn up the Fleet Road and then right at the crossroads with the Oatsheaf pub on the corner. Calthorpe Park is on the left-hand side further down Reading Road North. There is an access route across the cricket field as well as the main park entrance as well as an entrance at the back of the park in Merivale and via the driveway from Fleet Town FC.

Route notes

The Race HQ on the day is inside the scout hut building (just before the finish line).

The route has some minor revisions for 2024 to help with the traffic flow around Fleet. The loop around the town has been reintroduced by popular demand.

Please be aware that there is one sleeping policemen on the final run in to Calthorpe Park. There are also some wide sleeping policemen on Fleet Road in the early stages of the race.

Drinking on the Run

There are 4 water stations on the route. Water stations 1, 2 and 3 will have cups. Water station 4 is bottles. All runners will receive a bottle of water at the finish line.

Pace Runners

There will be pace makers for 1:30, 1:40, 1:45, 1:50, 2:00, 2:10 and 2:20 finish times.

Race time limit

As stated in the race entry terms and conditions, there is a three-hour time limit for the race. This event has a strict 3 hour time limit due to the use of the public road and the imposed limit on the road closure duration. If you are falling behind this time limit, you will be allowed to carry on but will be asked to use the pavement as we are obliged to re-open the roads according to the approved road closure agreement.

Weather forecast

When running take sufficient water on board at each drink station – do not wait until you feel thirsty. If you carry your own sports drink or gels, please dispose of them at the water stations in the litter zones.

BBC forecast

Medical cover

The Fleet Half Marathon works with St. John Ambulance under the guidance of a Medical Director. We exceed the Level 3 cover as defined by UK Athletics.


Results will be published in the finish area as soon as possible after the runners finish. They will also be available on the past results page. Your finish time can be texted to you if provide your mobile number on your entry.

After the race

Remember there may still be road closures in force when you leave after your run so please plan your route.